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Contest Discussion / Re: Questions about the Contest
« Last post by Zevka on May 29, 2017, 08:15:12 pm »
Short Answers:

- Most of the gladiators are slaves that Nire purchases from slavers and corsair ships for the express purpose of training them and putting them into The Crater. Prior combat training and experience
Is a plus, but not a necessity -- The Crater has in-house trainers and provides enough training to give even an inexperienced combatant the basics of fighting. Nire seeks out beasts who have some spirit/fight left in them, and are reasonably healthy.

- The Crater not only is not secret, it's almost a tourist attraction, with beasts coming from all over the northlands to watch fights and bet on the outcomes. Ticket prices vary widely, with the costliest tickets being on scaffolding layers closer to the ground -- and the action. Also, sometimes visitors will buy successful gladiators and retain them as bodyguards or Horde warriors. Likewise, crowd favorites are sometimes freed by Nire.

- Nire does not rule the land or settlements near The Crater, and is not a warlord or ruler n the normal sense. He runs The Crater for profit and pays off local warlords to leave him alone.

- Avian gladiators are rare, but not unheard of. Nire has a hunting falcon that can chase down birds that try to fly away. However, many Crater regulars think bird fights are less interesting than regular ones.

- Sometimes, beasts do volunteer as gladiators. Although dangerous, being a volunteer gladiator pays reasonably well, and is also an opportunity for fame and exposure. A successful volunteer may be more in demand as a soldier, better able to defend themselves, etc.
Contest Discussion / Questions about the Contest
« Last post by Vizon on May 29, 2017, 03:44:18 pm »
Since the topic "What you want to see" is more about storyline/characters, I thought there should be a thread for general questions about the contest/setting.

Timeline has already been established in "What you want to see" as well as the intelligence of the pigs (similar to dogs) and Nire's perspective on other lynx/wildcats being gladiators.

Additional questions I might begin with are:

How exactly are beasts "recruited?"

How secret is the crater?

Do birds partake in the games and if so, how do they keep them from flying away?

Might a beast volunteer to be a gladiator? Is there any monetary gain for volunteers?

Contest Discussion / Re: What You Want To See
« Last post by Istvan on May 29, 2017, 02:29:24 pm »
I guess they could just be a function of the northlands, though— harsh places = harsh people, I suppose.
No kidding
Contest Discussion / Re: What You Want To See
« Last post by Zevka on May 29, 2017, 01:01:24 pm »
Updated: edited my previous post to reflect that this takes place a few years before Blade and Atlas come into the picture.
Contest Discussion / Re: What You Want To See
« Last post by Vin on May 29, 2017, 12:43:35 pm »
To be honest, I was more imagining this happening actually several years before the whole Atlas/Blade debacle— it's just that gladiatorial battles a la muerto really seem to be somewhat backward, if not wholly barbaric, when you think about the supposedly civilized society that Nossflower is becoming. I guess they could just be a function of the northlands, though— harsh places = harsh people, I suppose.
Contest Discussion / Re: What You Want To See
« Last post by Airan on May 29, 2017, 11:38:20 am »
Oh yeah, that definitely works and makes it a lot more flexible for everyone. Sounds good to me :)
Contest Discussion / Re: What You Want To See
« Last post by Zevka on May 29, 2017, 10:05:16 am »
Actually, on second thought, you're right. How about having this take place a few years *before* Captain Blade and Atlas really emerged? MO1 has happened, but doesn't need to play a major role in this story -- maybe just an Easter egg or two. If that works, I'll edit my previous post.
Contest Discussion / Re: What You Want To See
« Last post by Airan on May 29, 2017, 07:18:33 am »
So, this takes place about 3 years after the events of MO3 -- the events involving Captain Blade are still fairly fresh on beasts' minds, but things have settled down and gone back to normal.

Just so everyone's aware, I'm in the process of planning an actual sequel for MO3 that will continue the storyline of the Waverunners and Captain Blade, so if this is going to be taking place in the same continuity then I would appreciate it if none of the writers touch too much on that area of the world. That being said as a slight a spoiler to what I have planned-

if years = seasons, then Zevka's right that things will have settled down and started to go back to normal, though the Waverunners would be policing the seas a bit more heavily now. If years = years, then various islands and villages along the western coast would be in chaos at the moment.

Personally, for simplicity's sake I'd prefer we not really make the contest take place in the same universe as MO3 just because of confusion and inconsistencies that could erupt from newer applicants who haven't read the contest and aren't aware of the differences in MO3's Mossflower to the Canon's, as well as the potential for a writer to unknowingly interfere with things I have planned for the sequel next year. I'm completely fine with references that imply it's in the same universe- such as someone mentioning Atlas or how pirate activity has slowed down recently- but it might be best to not have it explicitly be in the same universe.

If we do have it take place in the same universe as MO3 though, here's a quick cheat sheet for everyone-

Vermin and Woodlanders are on slightly okay terms with one another at the moment after some social changes that have swept through Mossflower after the deaths of Badgerlord Atlas and the pirate king Captain Blade. It's a shaky relationship, but there's progress being made.

Gold is used as currency, and villages and towns are springing up along the coast as the world begins to have a boom of progress. Piracy is on the decline, though there are threats that it could come surging back at any moment.

The Long Patrol is no more, and has been redubbed to the Waverunners, which are a navy and army consisting of any Woodlander species- not just hares- that patrol the western coast and keep it safe for travelers, traders, etc from pirates.

Contest Discussion / Re: What You Want To See
« Last post by Zevka on May 29, 2017, 06:48:26 am »
So, this takes place a few years before Atlas and Captain Blade really come into the picture. It takes place after MO1, but you do not need to have read that story to understand this one. The Northlands' distance from Redwall mean that hordes are still a thing, but they've gotten more sedentary -- think Kotir, not the Rapscallions. The Northlands are a little backwards compared to Mossflower proper or Carrigul, but not so much as to feel like a totally different culture.

In response to questions that someone PMed me:
- Nire (rhymes with "Wire") would accept lynxes and/or wildcats as gladiators. However, he might first check to see if they are from his original homelands, which is not in Mossflower. Pretty female kitties might get the whole "Hey girl, looking for a way to not be a gladiator?" thing.
- Gladiators can earn their freedom. Generally, this happens just whenever Nire feels like it. However, on occasion fans have actually bought and freed favorite gladiators.
- Nire doesn't teach gladiators to ride boars, but that doesn't mean they don't know. He did not originally introduce the boars -- somebeast else did, but now they are fairly widespread. They are a valuable trade good, but feral populations also exist. The intelligence level of a boar is comparable to that of a smart, trainable dog. Think a military or police dog, for example.
Writing Resources / Writing Playlists
« Last post by Tooley Bostay on May 28, 2017, 06:56:24 pm »
So I don't know about you all, but music is a huge inspiration for me when I write. Especially in the pre-writing/planning stages, where the right song may be all I need to grasp the right tone for a scene, figure out a great string of conversation, or perfectly picture how everything should look.

Thought it'd be fun to share my writing playlist, which you can find here. I put that sucker on shuffle, and I'm good to go. They're not all one type, but I'm very drawn to moody, emotional pieces, so most of them trend towards softer, introspective pieces.

What about you all? Are there any particular soundtracks or playlists that you go to in order to help inspire your writing?
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