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About the Audience Collaboration
« on: July 16, 2017, 04:19:03 PM »
Welcome, lads and lassies, to the Mossflower Odyssey IV Audience Collaboration! You may be wondering what all this is about, so I'm here to answer some of the general questions that may be loomin' in yer noggins.

   This is an unofficial, side contest to The Beasts in the Crater, made up of writers who did not get into the Top 10. This doesn't seek to compete with or replace the official contest, and operates by different rules. For one, there are no weekly death votes. We will be writing the story for a set number of rounds, similar to a real Survivor Contest, but audience participation via voting is not a requirement, so as to not rob attention away from the official Survivor contest.

   The story is set in the same universe and general setting as Beasts in the Crater, though it takes place several years beforehand. It'll strive to maintain adherence to the "canon," so you won't be seeing someone kill off Nire, or blow the whole of the Crater to kingdom come. Consider it a "prequel" of sorts to the official contest, though it is in no way required reading.

   That said, we do hope you read along with the story! Despite not requiring or needing an audience presence, we all know how wonderful it is to know your work is being read. Comments and feedback here on this board are entirely welcome!

   "Audience Collaboration" doesn't mean that this is a roleplay, or a small-scale round-robin where anyone can just hop in or out. This will be written with the same quality and narrative style (third-person, past-tense prose in a traditional novel format) as found in prior Survivor competitions.

   As of the time of this post, we are still in the early weeks of planning and writing. If you are interested in joining, send me a PM. Still plenty of room!

   If any of the Top 10 would like to factor in details from this story into the official one, then by all means, go ahead! If it involves directly using someone's character, I'd recommend PMing them beforehand to be sure they are fine with whatever plan you have, though. Just as a matter of courtesy.

That should do it for a general overview! We'll be busy planning and plotting in secret, but expect the story to begin sometime in the next week or two.