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Re: Quod Dea Vult
« Reply #15 on: December 09, 2013, 01:47:47 PM »
Eh, I'd guess but I don't know anybody here.

You're Brian Boitano. No, wait...Henry Winkler. No, wait...Diane Sawyer. No, wait...Kelly Clarkson.

No, wait...

You're me! I knew it! GET OUT OF MY HEAD*

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Re: Quod Dea Vult
« Reply #16 on: December 09, 2013, 11:30:55 PM »
I honestly don't know! First contest? No? What years? I really have no guess at this point. XD
"I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it." - Arrested Development


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Re: Quod Dea Vult
« Reply #17 on: December 10, 2013, 07:17:43 AM »
Istvan falling in love would have been an interesting thing, but it wasn't really something I would have had time to explore properly. I get the feeling it wouldn't be anything like sunshine and rainbows all the way, though I do think he needs someone to look out for him and for him to love as a person, not an object of worship. Zevka filled that role somewhat after Glass Eye (not coincidentally, that's when Istvan lost his "possible antagonist" role forever), though Nyika pulled him a bit stronger in the other direction.

Male, and I am most definitely not an artist.

This is my... fourth contest, I believe. The others being MM2, Redwall: Lockdown, and RV6.

Also, shoutout to Gashrock for guessing my identity correctly. So, as promised, enjoy (many apologies for the long list of text, but this forum doesn't allow spoiler tags...):

:noonahootin: That could be a thing this week; Istvan trims Nooners while Zevka backseat drives.

:istvan: "No! More to the left!"
"I have made enough cuts in my service of the Mother that I know what I am doing!"
"The difference is that we want him to survive"
:noonahootin: Hoot hoot hoot!

:istvan: "As soon as I am done here I am going to give you some very detailed theological exposition."
"On second thought, keep doing what you're doing. I won't bother you."

:noonahootin: hehe!
That would be a really good contrast to the gruesomeness of the amputation.
Istvan also does patch up those he cuts in the Yew dungeons, so I imagine he'd know at least a little bit about patching up, too.

:istvan: And he patches up himself. Though he's somewhat constrained by his religious prohibition against alcohol
On a side note, I am shipping Istvan and Zevka far more than I should be

:noonahootin: lol!
Really? Haha!

:istvan: Yes. I should probably be concerned about this

:noonahootin: To be honest, I was (early on in the game) thinking of having Nooners be sneaky and meddlesome, and try to fix up Istvan and Vanessa. Cuz he's crazy and she's another kind of crazy and maybe they'd balance each other out.
Zevka? Is that just you or is it Istvan the character?

:istvan: Heheh, Nooner acting as matchmaker sounds hilarious
I would say that it's mostly me the author, but Istvan definitely did leap at the opportunity to go save her. I think he likes arguing with her more than he wants to admit

:noonahootin: Haha! Bitter old couple mentality.

:istvan: Pretty much. I like to think that after the story is over they buy houses across the street from each other and make sure that they collect the morning paper at the same time just so they can snark at each other

:noonahootin: Yes! And one of them has a cat that walks on the other's car and leaves paw prints, and the other has a dog and they let it poop on the other's lawn...
Or...some such silliness.

:istvan: Istvan holds loud religious ceremonies on her front lawn at night and Zevka lets her historical reenactor's club park in his driveway

:noonahootin: Yessss! Hahaha!
Istvan doesn't cut the grass often enough and Zevka paints her house outrageous colours.

:istvan: The local civic court has a filing cabinet full of the complaints they have filed against each other

:noonahootin: They check out each other's favourite books from the library out of spite.

:gashrock: And then have to be convinced not to burn them

:istvan: But they actually read them cover to cover but refuse to admit it

:noonahootin: They show up in the same grocery isle and both reach for the last box of Cluny-Os...

:istvan: Security has to escort them out of the store and they are both banned for life

:noonahootin: They steal each other's parking space at the theatre...

:istvan: Istvan tapes a "Have you heard the good news of the All-Mother" flyer to her door once a week, and she uses them as fuel for a barbecue in front of her house

:noonahootin: They tip each other's garbage over before the garbage truck comes, and mix up each other's paper and plastic recycling.

:istvan: Zevka fills out subscriptions to science magazines in his name 

:noonahootin: Istvan does the same but with All-Mother Monthly.

:gashrock: I imagine Istvan actually likes the magazines. "Like, their worldview is wrong, but look at this great review of top ten knives that can chop you up inside a minute"
"Let's lead a crusade to stop them experimenting on defenseless otters" and Zevka's like "uhhhh"

:istvan: "And let's tell them to start experimenting on condemned criminals instead"

:noonahootin: They constantly cut each other's phone lines.

:gashrock: "Who, me? Nah, must've been a crazy owl to get up there..."

:istvan: Istvan buys a hybrid and Zevka gets a monster truck

:noonahootin: They each have competing gardens that they try to sabotague.

:istvan: Every time he sees her with Mekad, he asks "When's the marriage?"

:nyika: He wants to officiate.

:istvan: Oh god. Can you imagine?

:noonahootin: Heheh.

:istvan: "Do you take this man to be your husband, and you take this woman to be your wife?"
"Good. You may now cut the bride."
"Did I stutter?"


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Re: Quod Dea Vult
« Reply #18 on: December 11, 2013, 06:28:51 PM »
All right, I received enough correct guesses that I feel it's time to do away with the secrecy. The moment you've been waiting for is here. The puppeteer behind the tattooed otter priest is...

Jarrtail, aka Rexim!


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Re: Quod Dea Vult
« Reply #19 on: December 12, 2013, 02:15:48 PM »
*GASP* I say!

...lovely to meet you! : )
:noonahootin: Captain Noonahootin